To keep things simple, we offer a few basic packages: The Classic, The Deep Scrub, The Guardian and the Low H2O.

RFCP "The Classic" Package:  A thorough pre-vacuum to remove dirt and fine particulate*, followed by the appropriate pre-treatment for the job at hand.  We then use our truck mounted machine to Hot Water Rinse** and Extract the pre-treatment and all of the soil it dissolved and loosened from the carpet fibers***.

RFCP "The Deep Scrub" Package: A thorough pre-vacuum to remove dirt and fine particulate*, followed by the appropriate pre-treatment for the job at hand.  But before we rinse and extract, our "Better" packaged includes the use of our CRB(Counter Rotating Brush) machine.  Our CRB allows us to safely scrub to the base of the carpet fiber, this helps in two ways: Removes larger debris that vacuums aren't able to and helps our pre-treatment come in full contact of the fiber, allowing for more soil to be removed.  After this deep scrub, we follow with our truck mounted Hot Water Extraction to extract all of the soil it dissolved and loosened from the carpet fibers.

RFCP "The Guardian" Package: Consist of the same cleaning as the "Better" package....but then we apply a carpet protector to your freshly cleaned carpets to aid in repelling soils and spills.  Our carpet protector will make cleaning your carpets easier, allow your vacuum to remove more soil per pass, and most importantly help give you peace of mind.

RFCP "The Low H2O" package: Consist of a thorough pre-vacuum*, minor spot cleaning***, then your carpets will be pre-treated with one of our excellent Encapsulates. This will allow soil removal through agitation and/or absorption. Reducing the risk of resoiling as well as extremely quick dry times****. 

*Vacuuming can remove up to 95% of dry soil before ever having your carpets cleaned, which makes this a very important step....ask our competitors if they pre-vacuum every time.

**The truck mounted cleaning machine of Reliable Floor Care Plus L.L.C. allows for high temperatures(220℉) and excellent vacuum pressure, resulting in faster drying carpets.

*** Minor spot cleaning is included in all packages, but there are certain spots and accidents that will add additional fees...but at Reliable Floor Care Plus L.L.C. we don't believe in surprises, and these will be discussed ahead of time and agreed upon before proceeding.

****Heavy spot cleaning can result in slower dry times for those areas.


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