When was the last time you had professionals "shampoo" or clean your carpets? The professionals at Reliable Floor Care Plus can spot clean, remove dirt and brighten up traffic patters quick and easy. Getting rid of GERMS as well to help treat odors.

Hot Water Extraction


Depending on which cleaning option you choose, we have a 10 step cleaning process that results in clean, amazing looking carpets. We rinse using high temperatures (approximately 220 degrees Fahrenheit) helping to further break down residue for easy removal, while killing GERMS and BACTERIA along the way.  We are trained in spot removal, with excellent cleaning products to safely remove most spots/stains. We are careful to make plenty of dry passes to ensure we remove as much moisture to properly dry the carpets.  We have protectors to help fight against spills and odor neutralizers to fight off bad odors. 

Very Low Moisture(Encap)        


We also offer Very Low Moisture Cleaning (VLM, aka Encapsulation). This can also be a 10 step cleaning process that not only removes old residue that may have built up over time from a previous cleaners shampoo/pre-treatment, but gives amazing results(sometimes better than Hot Water Extraction) that dry very quickly, letting you get back to your day sooner. This method kills germs and bacteria as well!

Residential Cleaning Services:


Carpet & Spot Cleaning

As one of our most asked about services, we take great pride in our residential carpet and spot cleaning. This service is extremely helpful for households with children, pets and/or high traffic.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Do you have embarrassing or hard to remove stains on your tile and grout? It can be nearly impossible to remove these imperfections without the right equipment. Our tile and grout cleaning is done using the High Pressure Cleaning system, which allows us to deep clean those porous grout lines, bringing back their original color.


Upholstery & Rug Cleaning

The fabric and rugs in your home should be just as clean as the flooring underneath. We clean fine fabrics whether on an area rug or a piece of upholstery. Our cleaning agents are gentle enough for any fabric, but have the strength to produce great results.  We even have a rug bath setup in our shop to make sure we give your rug the deepest, most thorough clean we can.  We offer pick up and delivery services, so no need to mess with getting your rug to us


Carpet Protectors

This is a wonderful preventative option for homes and businesses wanting to give themselves a little extra time when reacting to spills and stopping the residue from quickly setting into the carpet/upholstery fibers.


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