Who needs spot cleaning?

Our spot cleaning service is great for both residential and commercial spaces that have an overall clean floor, with just a few imperfections that need treated. These may be spots like drink spills, pet stains, dirt prints, etc.


Spot cleaning success

While we do not offer a 100% spot removal guarantee, we do work with the latest spotting products and techniques, which allows for great results. Spot cleaning works best when nothing has been applied to the spot prior to our arrival. Certain products can cause the soiled area to turn from a spot to a stain that can be permanent. Approximately 95% of the time, we are able to remove synthetic dyes such as the color found in Kool-Aid and Gatorade, assuming they have not been previously treated with any other products. These synthetic dyes can get into the fibers and distort the dyes in the carpets, making them nearly impossible to remove with standard cleaning products. We also have great success in safely removing rust, oil spots, ink, gum, protein spots (ex: eggs, gravy, blood, etc.), and pet urine.

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