Why have upholstery and rugs cleaned?

Area rugs and upholstery are commonly a large part of any residential or commercial space. Whether being used for decoration or protection for the underlying floors, rugs and upholstery are exposed to high amounts of dirt and soil. It is especially important to have large area rugs cleaned if you have recently had the floors cleaned. This prevents the dirt and soil from transferring from the uncleaned rugs to your clean floors.


We are able to surface clean most rugs on site, depending on their location in the home or office. If a simple Hot Water Extraction (HWE) rinse is all that is needed, and we believe it is safe to perform, on site cleaning is not a problem. We do also offer rug washing, which we are currently expanding our knowledge on, so some rug materials may be out of our field of knowledge. Rug washing is performed off site in our shop. This allows us to get the deep clean that fine fabric rugs require. By using this method, we are better able to remove heavy saturation caused from house pets, as well as remove much more dry soil, which is a large factor in rug wear and allergens. We will pick up and deliver your rug(s) or you may drop them off and pick them up if you prefer.



We clean upholstery using hot water extraction (HWE), very low moisture (VLM), as well as the dry cleaning method. When using HWE, we use a tool that utilizes a flow system instead of the normal spray jet system. This allows us to clean with hot water, and not over saturating the fabric. With most fabrics, we are able to treat many spots; however, depending on the material, spot cleaning can be limited. We do clean most upholstery on site, but on occasions, we will ask to be allowed to remove the furniture and clean it in our shop. This allows us more control over the environment and our products on hand. We also offer protectors for upholstery.



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